The goal is to emancipate the people from the stereotypes, relationships, lifestyles, and other shackles and values ​​that have been formed over the course of one's life, and to emancipate oneself from past actions, mistakes, politics, and the inconvenience of food, clothing, and shelter.
Based on the macro liberation of each person, we will gather it into the macro liberation on the global scale.
Those who practice, support, and sympathize with this activity are called “emancipatists”.
The root of all this is the desire for life to be precious, for nature to be beautiful, and for harmony to continue.

自ら提唱する emancipationism-解放主義- を主題に表現する。

Norimasa Sugiura

Born in Gifu, Japan in 1993, he began creating artworks inspired by the works of Salvador Dali after traveling around the world in 2017.
He has left behind works focusing on social issues while participating in Art Of People exhibitions.

1993年 岐阜県出身。2017年に世界一周を行い、サルバドール・ダリの作品に感銘を受け制作を開始。
Art Of Peopleの企画展に参加しながら社会問題にフォーカスした作品を残す。


2019 Art Of People Ⅱ Exhibition (Kanazawa)
2020 Art Of People Ⅲ Exhibition(Kanazawa)
2021 5ninten(Kanazawa)